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Jim Carretta - Cybertracker Professional Level in Track & Sign

"Learning to identify animal tracks is hard work, frustrating at times. Teaching methods that provide basic knowledge of animal morphology and patterns of movement allow new trackers to solve problems through systematic deduction. The emphasis is on the *process* of reasoning, given the evidence, rather than the correct answer. Trackers who embrace this process will naturally gravitate towards correctly solving identifications and gait mysteries. It's empowering and the instructors at SWOTT taught me to track this way."
Mark Thompson - Cybertracker Professional Level in Track & Sign

"The SWOTT program has been phenomenal. The digital track and sign resources provided here are a tremendous addition to the traditional print library of tracking field guides, with excellent detail about the intricacies of track morphology and track pattern analysis that I've yet to encounter anywhere else. The exercises guide you through a process of identification that demands multi-factor reasoning and a detailed rationale for each answer. All the while, expert instructors guide you as you learn to parse out the noise from the evidence. This method of analysis helped me achieve a 99 (Level 3) on my first Tracker Certification."
Terry Hunefeld - Cybertracker Professional Level Track & Sign

"The SWOTT course is taught in curriculum fashion with excellent examples of each species of animal likely to be found on a CyberTracker evaluation. The coverage is all inclusive: mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, invertebrates and skulls. The lessons on gait are invaluable - clearly explained and brilliantly illustrated, a key component in correctly identifying animal track and sign. Each species is covered in depth with tips and images enabling the student to recognize the animal's track and sign. Many of the examples and images are not found in any other media. The classes themselves are facilitated by some of the best and highest rated trackers in the world. The guidance and coaching I received was at once expert, knowledgeable, gentle and informative. As a result of what I learned in the course, I scored Level 3 on my first Track and Sign evaluation and a week later scored Level 3 on my first Specialist Track and Sign evaluation."
Shane Hawkins - Cybertracker Professional Level in Track & Sign

"I wanted to extend a giant THANK YOU - I achieved Level 3 at an eval this past weekend. This course, your generosity in sharing your knowledge, and creating this system have absolutely accelerated, improved, and added excitement to my tracking journey. Thank you so very much!!"
Jim Hilgartner - Cybertracker Level 3 Track & Sign

"I would without hesitation take this course again exactly as offered. And I would not hesitate to recommend the course, as is, to anyone serious about furthering their knowledge and understanding of tracks and sign. I would also say, as did my friend who told me about the course (paraphrasing), “it will be demanding — it will be intense — and it will transform the way you look at and think about tracks and sign.”"

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